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Lady in Red

Time has come to celebrate women in all their glory.

We chose this almost barren environment to display the huge contrast of her life force. Everything around her is lacking, but she stands there full of color, energy, strength, mystery and elegance. At the brink of a storm she is unfaltering. She brings life to a barren surface, elegance to oppose the despair, mystery to an open space – as only to add spice into our lives. And of course, love to make it all worthwhile.

Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF 16-35 f/4L IS USM, 2x Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX.

Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF 16-35 f/4L IS USM, 2x Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX.

Location: El Mirage, California

Model: Anica Petrovic

Styling: Mia Fendi

Photography: Mirza Hasanefendic



Why this photo?

As a product photographer, I was always inspired by the liquor photography. Just look at all those artistic bottle designs that you can only see in perfume bottles. That special design that sends us all a message that this liquid is something to behold. It's a promise by the manufacturer that you will enjoy every single drop of this heavenly drink. 

Rémy Martin XO cognac

Rémy Martin XO cognac

It is so special, that pouring it in any regular glass would diminish the elegance of the experience. And I thought about that glass, searched for it, and finally found the balance that this one has with the enchanting swirls of the bottle. Then it was a matter of the surface you would place the two on. It could not be any simple table, it had to be an old antique mahogany table surface. The one to help you transform yourself closer to the very selective gentlemen's club, where sipping it would mean that not only you belong there, but you can taste the essence of success. 

Before and after

Before and after

Why the purple background you might ask? Because purple was always regarded as a Regal color that fits perfectly to the idea I had when composing this image. Attention to detail always rewards you in the end. 

How I managed to get the glorious amber liquid to shine in this shot is more technical in nature, so for those of you that are interested, feel free to check out my Facebook page for the specifics.