What to think about before your headshot session?

You knew your whole life that this is what you wanted, and now is the time for some answers – your own.

While you were critically watching TV, what roles spoke to you? What is your dream role? Is it a leading one, or a supporting one? What are you able to pull off now? Today? Do you have an answer to that question? If you don’t know it, how will your casting agent, manager or director know?

Be really honest and discern your most likely place within the movies and shows you like; before you come for your headshot, this is important. Why? Because think of us as your new marketing team that’s there to help you portray the role you know you can deliver.

It helps if you have a niche, makes it easier for your agent to keep you in mind. We will help you show off your strengths on camera. Do you know what those are (strengths and weaknesses)? Make a list of roles, maybe even collect a few of them, then refine that until you have your realistic range, and you will have your very own sweet spot, nailed. Then, and this is HUGE, bring that to your auditions, your agent, and to your headshot session!

Take a look at other headshots on our page and you will be drawn to their eyes, their expression, the vibe, strong emotion and life behind those eyes. To achieve that in 2 hrs we need you to prepare answers to the questions casting director will also have. And we will help you portray what you want with a relaxing discussion before our session, so that when you get in front of the camera all of us will be on the same page as to what the perfect shot is.

The sad truth about today’s fast paced life is that on average a casting director will spend only 5-6 seconds looking at your headshot, within that timeframe he/she needs to fill out a Breakdown sheet. A breakdown is a write-up of a particular project that includes a synopsis or description of the project in addition to descriptions of all the characters/roles in the script for the project. In other words the casting agent who also received it needs to see the specifically described role and think of your headshot.

Did you know that your casting agent looks through them daily; trying to decide who to submit for each role, because they can usually submit a few actors for each role. If you were your own agent/manager what roles would you submit yourself with confidence? Imagine being handed a huge script with 50 roles, could you spot the one you should be submitted for?

That’s why to get through the casting door; you must have a clear understanding of who and what you are.

Why this blog post – well honestly to be able to help you, we need to understand your goal. For you to be able to get what you want you need to understand your Manager and Casting Agent –To them you are the Artist they need to be able to present with pride to the casting director, and they need to know and show what is the core essence of what you uniquely bring to the table as a performer/artist?

And guess what? First step through that door to the movie set is the headshot.